Legacy Society: Giving to Cancer Research

Marty and Janet Spatz

Janet and Marty Spatz

Since 2003, the Helen and Irving Spatz Foundation has provided funding for cancer research at Einstein. Now the foundation’s directors, Janet and Marty Spatz, have decided to build on that legacy—and support the borough where they began their life together—with an estate gift to the College of Medicine. They are inaugural members of the Albert Einstein Legacy Society, which recognizes individuals who choose to advance Einstein’s mission through gifts in their estate plans. To create a plan that best serves your philanthropic goals, contact Michael Divers, planned giving officer, at 718.430.2685 or

Why give to Einstein? “We wanted to give something for cancer research. I Googled—to be honest—‘cancer research.’ Various things popped up and one was Einstein. And I said ‘Oh boy, I know Einstein in the Bronx. They have a great reputation, with cutting-edge scientists.’”

Why cancer research? “My mother died of stomach cancer. My father had a cancer-related blood disease. Marty’s mother died of lung cancer. Marty’s sister had breast cancer. She eventually died of bladder cancer. I had breast cancer 25 years ago, and now I have it again.”

What makes Einstein special? “One, it’s in the Bronx, the place where we started our life together, and two, it has world-class researchers. I think the work they’re doing is just wonderful, and that’s what attracted me.”

What donating does: “It makes me feel wonderful doing it. It really does. It gives me a lot of pleasure to know that I’ve given back.”

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