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Senior Associate Dean Elected to NBME

Joshua D. Nosanchuk, M.D.

Senior Associate Dean Elected to NBME

Joshua D. Nosanchuk, M.D., senior associate dean for medical education at Einstein, was elected in January to a leadership post at the National Board of Medical Examiners, the country’s primary medical assessment nonprofit organization.

Dr. Nosanchuk is one of seven at-large members of the NBME. He also serves as a professor of microbiology & immunology and of medicine and an infectious- disease specialist at Montefiore. The NBME also named Reena Karani, M.D. ’97, as its first woman of color to serve as chair in the organization’s 108-year history. 

Among the NBME’s most important functions is creating assessments and learning tools for health professionals, including the lengthy comprehensive exams known as Steps 1, 2, and 3. These assessments, formally called the United States Medical Licensing Examination program (USMLE), are required to obtain a license to practice medicine. Medical faculty from across the country write the test questions, which are reviewed by members of the NBME board and its numerous committees.

Dr. Nosanchuk has held a range of positions at NBME, including chair of the test development committee for microbiology and immunology, member of NBME’s management and interdisciplinary review committees, a reviewer of its comprehensive basic science exam, and a panelist who set standards for the Step 1 exam. He currently serves on a committee that develops test materials on pharmaceutical advertisements and drug warnings.

“I have learned so much from all of the individuals on my committees and panels,” he said. “Working in these groups helps me bring best practices for medical educational teaching and assessments back to Einstein.” 

He received a bachelor’s degree in history and an M.D. degree from Cornell University. He completed his residency at New York Hospital­–Cornell and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, followed by a fellowship at Einstein.

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