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Enhancing Einstein, Inside and Out

First-year medical students assemble before class in the renovated Belfer basement.

Enhancing Einstein, Inside and Out

From new outdoor benches and lighting to completely refurbished lobbies, several projects begun in 2019 are making Einstein a better place to work and live.

“Upgrading and modernizing our grounds and facilities and investing in enhancements to our campus community are a priority,” says Gregg Tarquinio, Einstein’s associate dean for administration and finance.

Belfer lobby The renovated Belfer lobby welcomes visitors with new Einstein signage and terrazzo flooring.

The renovations have included adding new furniture and lighting to student housing, the Belfer Educational Center, and the D. Samuel Gottesman Library study area.

Necessary structural improvements have involved upgrading elevators and replacing air conditioners in several buildings. Audiovisual equipment has been replaced in auditoriums, lecture halls, and conference rooms; wireless and wired networking technology is currently being overhauled campus-wide; and additional automated external defibrillator units have been placed in all buildings.

In addition to those projects, the Clinical Research Center has moved from the Jack D. Weiler Hospital and the Leo Forchheimer Medical Science Building to space within the Van Etten Building, and the Magnetic Resonance Research Center has received a new 3T magnet and had its infrastructure upgraded.

Clockwise from top: First-year medical student Christina Pil does some laptop work on a new couch in the Belfer basement; inspiring words from Albert Einstein decorate the Belfer lobby; new tables and chairs adorn the 1925/1935 Eastchester Road Residence Complex lobby; and students convene on new couches in the expansive lobby space, as seen from two angles.
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