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Dr. Margaret Kielian Awarded the Horwitz Prize

Dr. Margaret Kielian Awarded the Horwitz Prize

On March 11, Margaret Kielian, Ph.D., was awarded the 13th Annual Marshall S. Horwitz, M.D., Faculty Prize for Research Excellence. The prize was established in memory of Marshall S. Horwitz, M.D., to honor his contributions to research and medical education at Einstein.

Dr. Kielian, who is a professor of cell biology and holds the Samuel H. Golding Chair in Microbiology, presented her lecture, “How Viruses Infect a Cell: Structure, Function, and Inhibition of Virus Membrane Fusion Proteins.”

Dr. Kielian studies viruses surrounded by lipid membranes containing viral proteins. They include the disease-causing, mosquito-borne alphaviruses such as chikungunya and flaviviruses such as dengue, Zika, and West Nile.

Dr. Kielian investigates how these enveloped viruses enter host cells, replicate, and then exit to infect other cells. Molecular studies of the entry and exit mechanisms required by these viruses can lead to targeted antiviral therapies.

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