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Radcliffe Fellow, Tech Innovator

Radcliffe Fellow, Tech Innovator

Libusha Kelly, Ph.D., has been selected for a fellowship by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, one of the world’s top centers for interdisciplinary research. She was one of 52 individuals chosen for the honor from nearly 1,400 scientists, artists, scholars, and practitioners.

Dr. Kelly, associate professor of systems & computational biology and of microbiology & immunology, uses experimental and computational technologies to understand the dynamics of the diverse microbial communities that play a role in human health. As a 2021–22 Radcliffe fellow, she will perform research focusing on the vaginal microbiome.

In a separate announcement, she also has been named to the inaugural class of Google’s Research Innovators program, which supports a global community of researchers who use the increased speed and efficiency of cloud computing to make scientific advances. Dr. Kelly is one of 31 innovators spanning 30 institutions and eight countries who come from the physical, social, and biological sciences across both industry and academia. 

“As new discoveries depend on large-scale data analysis, researchers benefit from sharing technology expertise across otherwise unrelated disciplines,” Google explained in its program overview.

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